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Mal and Charlene are those assholes who show up 30 minutes before closing to shop
Posted October 23, 2018 at 12:24 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page! Hooray!

Aaaargh I'm so tired. These pages have way too many details in the background, and I've been having to rush them a bit because I've been doing political volunteering a lot lately to help with the November election, so I keep making goofy mistakes. Don't be like me friends! Take your time! Or at least set all your pages in an empty void and save yourself. Anyway, I was going to upload this page but then I realized Ginger was looking towards Marisa and Marin, but addressing Malaya. I forgot about that when doing my pencils, so I thought she was speaking more generally until I juuuust looked it over and had to go fix it. If I had remembered from thumbnails to pencils that she was addressing Malaya, I would have set that panel up a bit differently, but it works. It's fine. Done is better than perfect, and I'm on to knocking out tomorrow's page and then...staring at the walls maybe. Laundry? I probably need to do that. All my chores basically have to wait until Tuesday and Wednesday until my schedule gets less bonkers, which is why my lawn has needed to be mowed for...like a month and a half. It's fine. My neighbor's yard looks shittier, so it's fine. 

Okay, I'd say more but I'm going to finish this next page and then stare into the void for awhile.