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Posted October 13, 2015 at 1:02 pm
Okay, so have a whole page that raises a bunch of questions! With a slightly stylized magic montage at the bottom! We'll meet another witch this chapter, so hopefully everyone will get a better idea of the scope of how magic works here. The long and short of it is, generally you're going to specialize and magic will manifest in whatever way is most attuned to the spell caster. Marisa mostly does small spells with practical applications, like work horse spells. Fixing doors, minor healing spells, etc. I've been working my ass off between this comic and the other project I'm working on, and then other stuff keeps popping up in between that I have to attend and I'm so tired O_O. Oh well, everything will be done this week at least. I realized the other day that I've shortened Elias's name to Eli as a nickname, but you say them totally differently. It's El-ee-as versus Eee-lai. Or I guess, El-ee, but that sounds kind of dumb. It looks appropriate in print, though! I guess if Robert can become Bob, then I can nickname fictional characters however I want. Malaya to Mal works okay though, because it's pronounced Ma-lai-a, emphasis on the second syllable. So now we all know. I should probably add pronunciations to the character page.