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The human body IS horrifying
Posted November 19, 2018 at 7:38 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from next Tuesday's page!

Yay! Early page! Sort of! I wanted to get this posted now, because I won't be able to check anything tomorrow while I'm driving, so I can't fix things if something goes wrong. Just easier this way, I guess. There's only one page this week and one page next week! I need a break for the holidays. Also, I'm driving for like 23+ hours here soon, so it'd be nice to just chill for awhile when I get back. Gramma could live somewhere less insanely hard to get to, but nah.

Ginger's learning things! So many things. She's not dumb, she's just been cloistered in a weird house for her entire life, and that leaves you with a lot of gaps in your knowledge. But hey, she already is getting the hang of basic algebra, so she'll catch up soon enough. We'll be coming back to her trials with werewolfhood here soon, because she's not getting into the full extent of it in this letter necessarily. 

Have a good holiday if you're celebrating where you live! If not, enjoy your week! I'll be driving and listening to creepy podcasts for the next two days yay.

ETA: I fixed the math equation! Or rather I took out the top line of the math equation. I haven't taken a math class since Calc II at Purdue in 2005, so you'll have to forgive that I forgot how to order of operations correctly.