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They need a tiny werewolf toaster oven.
Posted October 30, 2018 at 11:49 am

Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow that doesn't spoil anything! But it's the most done panel I have :P

Hooray! I get to post the second page for this week on Halloween! That feels weirdly appropriate, even though there's no werewolfy stuff happening in this scene. It's werewolf-y by proxy. Also, tomorrow is the last scene in this god forsaken grocery store. (Speaking of which, after I post this page, I have to go buy groceries.)

I've been struggling like crazy to get my life in order because of the election on Tuesday. I'm working that day at the polls, so we'll see how scheduling my update in advance goes. I haven't had to do that with this new system yet. I've been out canvassing on the weekends and trying to mitigate stupid issues that pop up in between. Having a great time!!! That's a lie, I'm very tired.

Which is why if this page makes no sense, you can blame the government and the election system and October and November in general. Okay! Sorry this ramble is discombobulated, but I have to run down to the courthouse and shakedown the clerk to give me a pollworker assignment. Just...losing my mind today.